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O'Neal Consultants' Monitoring and Management Program offers a personalized, hands-on approach which maximizes and maintains profitability. O'Neal Consultants helps you target problem areas through a thorough, on-site telephone department financial audit, followed by recommendations for improvements. O'Neal Consultants then helps to implement these changes by working with the client and its vendors.

For optimum oversight, O'Neal Consultants generates monthly reports reviewing operations, identifying any new snags, confirming the recommendations are being completed smoothly and successfully, and most importantly, allowing the client to continually identify further changes that might be needed. O'Neal Consultants can then execute changes as needed so that problems are always resolved promptly, before they can siphon away profits.

Monthly reports after the initial audit help to ensure regulatory compliance, and track financial indices as well as operational statistics.

On-Site Audits & Ongoing Reports Can Address Issues Including:

Carrier Billing Versus Guest Billing
Carrier Usage Billing Accuracy
Cost-Per-Minute Evaluation 
Revenue Opportunities 
Tax Collections & Payments 
Personnel Performance
Proper Call Routing 
Answer Supervision/Detection Operation 
Interface Analysis
Area Code Updates 
Local Prefix Updates 
Guest Allowances 
Tariff Accuracy 
Fraudulent Call Identification 
Maintenance Agreements
PBX Trunk Configuration 
Regulatory Compliance 
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