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“Loss Prevention” is a buzzword in the hospitality industry that is becoming ever more important. Monitoring security requires a delicate balance between security services used by the hotel to protect it from the loss of physical and intellectual property, and simultaneously protecting it from guest lawsuits. The hotel may face liabilities through assumption of responsibility based on the location, type and position of security devices it utilizes.

O'Neal Consultants provides a full portfolio of design and deployment management services which provide clients with top protection, and yet are cost-conscious. In order to thoroughly understand the client’s needs, O'Neal Consultants conducts a risk assessment in conjunction with the property security. The client's management team can then develop a system-wide security design that can be implemented into existing structures, or during any phase of construction or renovation. O'Neal Consultants guides you through all types of security systems such as intrusion detection, closed circuit television, and access control systems, to see which best fit your requirements.

O'Neal Consultants’ vendor acquisition and Project Management Services help you select the best security provider for your property and obtain favorable, honest pricing, through strategic bidding, negotiation, oversight, and inspection processes.

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