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Determining the best call accounting system for your business can be an invaluable service, saving costly expenses, and O'Neal Consultants provides you with all the necessary tools. O'Neal Consultants performs a needs analysis and reviews your current inventory of telephone department-related equipment; by providing the client with analytics that compare existing systems with state-of-the-art systems, the client can move forward with confidence.

O'Neal Consultants’ services include developing a telephone system Request for Proposal (RFP) and managing the procurement process, so that you have our expert supervision regarding proposal comparisons, contract documents, installation monitoring, and final inspection.

Call Accounting, also known as "Call Logger", is an essential system in hotels of today in order to properly calculate charges to the guest for local and long distance calls.
At the same time that call revenues in hotels have declined due to increased cell phone usage, CAS companies have had to enhance software to make it more flexible to glean as much revenue as possible from lower call activity.

Whether for new or renovating properties, or replacement of outdated systems, O'Neal Consultants can help hotels by writing specifications for CAS that address the particular needs of a hotel or brand. From stand alone systems to network systems and Application Service Provider (ASP) systems, O'Neal Consultants has the experience to manage the bid process to ensure a client receives maximum benefit for the lowest possible price and efficient operation.

The process includes the following:
. Needs analysis with principal personnel
. Research to determine qualified vendors serving the property location(s)
. Development of a Request for Proposal (RFP) to start the bid process
. Moderate a pre-bid conference to clarify bidder questions
. Create a comparison of bid proposal in response to the RFP
. Manage the final negotiation with the vendor
. Assist the client in selection of a vendor 
. Manage the contract process
. Moderate a kick-off meeting with vendor and property personnel
. Coordinate the development of the property database for delivery to vendor, including pricing algorithm
. Coordinate the interface requirements between the Property Management System vendor and CAS vendor
. Coordinate installation of the system
. Perform a final inspection prior to final payment to vendor

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