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The hospitality market is faced with the challenge of satisfying guest demand for more and more bandwidth to support the ever increasing opportunity for guests to view movies, video conferencing, YouTube clips, etc., on their various Internet connected devices. 

O'Neal Consultants realizes that selecting and managing the solutions for a property can pose additional challenges to management and ownership alike. Uninformed decisions in the selection process, especially when involving extended contracts, can be financially disastrous and more importantly, not provide the hotel with the services it really needs.

O'Neal Consultants will help each client evaluate the Interent bandwidth offerings as they apply to the hotel's needs. It's important to discern the real reputation of a prospective company or vendor.  For example, will their service and contract remain flexible as the demand for more bandwidth increases?. With O'Neal Consultants' guidance, you can successfully navigate this new opportunity and achieve your goals.

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