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O'Neal Consultants can assist a client with managing the information and requirements presented to them by the management company selected to operate the hotel. O'Neal Consultants has successfully acted as the client's representative on many projects and ensured that the owners' objectives were understood and met.

O'Neal Consultants offers Coordination Management Services to ensure all systems and components are properly reviewed and addressed. Whether it's a new hotel installation or a change of systems, we work with you to fulfill your expectations.

O'Neal Consultants' Coordination Management Services Include:

. Represent & Advise Owner in All Technology Decisions
. Liaise with Project Personnel/Review Information Presented to Owner by Management Company
. Review Management Company Requirements & Advise Ownership Based on Standards
. Obtain List of Systems For Addition/Replacement
. Provide Management With O'Neal Consultants Proposal Schedules to insure Adherence to Critical Path
. Create Configuration of Hardware for Servers & All Peripherals
. Develop RFP & Request Bids for Installation of Respective Systems
. Submit Vendor's Responses to Hotel's Management
. Contract Negotiations Insure Hotel's Requirements are Listed
. Review Proposals & Contracts from All Vendors For Accuracy & Competitive Pricing
. Review Construction Documents to Insure Proper Space, Power, Telecom & Data Cable is Located for Each Device
. Develop 'Package' for Turnover to Hotel or Project Manager for Implementation