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Telephone Department

It seems that every hotel periodically needs a fresh set of eyes to examine the status of its voice and data networks. Unchecked factors such as personnel turnover, changes in carrier services, hotel demand, and price can cause networks to go “off kilter.” Networks typically include local exchange services, long distance services, wide area networks, and other digital communications.

O'Neal Consultants’s plan of action starts with a discovery exercise which gives the client the opportunity to review the existing network design, and determine if it still meets the needs and goals of the company. O'Neal Consultants then performs an in-depth analysis of each element affecting the operation of the networks. For example, are there an appropriate number of circuits relative to activity levels; adequate bandwidth; reliability of service; timely alert and responsiveness to malfunction; accurate billing and documentation of services; competitive pricing, and good customer service? All of these factors will affect the performance of voice and data networks.

After O'Neal Consultants reports on findings, and offers recommendations for the client to implement, it can manage the process if the client’s personnel are not able to execute the recommendations independently. O'Neal Consultants continues to monitor the project post-installation to determine if the outcome has met the objectives. If the client desires, O'Neal Consultants can monitor activity on the networks to ensure the systems are operating at peak efficiency.  

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