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Telephone Department

Today's telephone systems vendors are a complex web of systems integration, interfaces, and connectivity-the telephone system is the heart of hotel communication. Protection of these valuable assets is critical to ensure that the hotel will be able to continue to service its guests effectively. Let O'Neal Consultants audit your systems and vendors in the hotel telephone department. It may include any or all of the following:

State-of-the-Art of the System
Does the System Need to be Replaced
Status of Software Release and Patches
Determine If An Upgrade Path Is Available 
Available Capacity of System
Condition of Proprietary Instruments
Condition of the Cabinet, Shelves, and Cards
Condition of Rectifier and Backup Power
Are System Capabilities Being Fully Utilized. If Not Now, Then When 
Is Staff Properly Trained On System and Proprietary Instruments 
Gauge Maintenance Provider Performance
Are Maintenance Logs Up-To-Date
Is The Price For Maintenance Competitive 
Are Software Backups Up-To-Date, On-Site, and Properly Labeled and Protected
Are Redundant Processors Operative 
Are Escalation Procedures Known by Staff
Are Proprietary Instruments Properly Labeled
Are Interfaces Between Voice Mail, Property Management, and Call Accounting Systems Functioning Properly
Are All Trunks and T-1 Channels From Carriers Connected To The System
Are All Trunks or T-1 Channels Working Properly
Are All Trunks or T-1 Channels Being Utilized
Is Trunk Group Design Up-To-Date
Is Call Routing Optimized

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