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Telephone Department

O'Neal Consultants provides complete oversight mechanisms for a client’s telephone department, essential to maximizing and sustaining profitability. While simple in concept, a hotel telephone department can be quite complex, involving a veritable multitude of systems and vendors that need to flawlessly work together to carry, price and post each call. Since each vendor may be an expert in its own field but unaware of its system’s effects on those of other vendors,  O'Neal Consultants’s expertise in highlighting areas of potential improvement is extremely valuable.

O'Neal Consultants provides comprehensive oversight for a client's telephone department financial audit. The audit consists of an on-site visit, after which O'Neal Consultants prepares a report of findings and recommendations. If a client desires, O'Neal Consultants can then implement approved changes, coordinating the work with the hotel and its vendors.
Sample On-Site Audit Items:

Carrier Billing Versus Guest Billing
Carrier Usage Billing Accuracy
Cost-Per-Minute Evaluation 
Revenue Opportunities 
Tax Collections & Payments 
Personnel Performance
Proper Call Routing 
Answer Supervision/Detection Operation 
Interface Analysis
Area Code Updates 
Local Prefix Updates 
Guest Allowances 
Tariff Accuracy 
Fraudulent Call Identification 
Maintenance Agreements
PBX Trunk Configuration 
Regulatory Compliance 

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