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In these days of challenging economic conditions, the need to optimize RevPar has never been greater. For most independent properties, one of the most critical and controllable elements that impact occupancy and revenue is the rooms reservation process.

O'Neal Consultants offer solutions by auditing the performance of the reservations department, determining opportunities for enhancement, and identifying actions that can be implemented to improve the bottom line.

After O'Neal Consultants produce a detailed document describing the findings, and offering recommendations for the client to implement, it can manage the process if the client’s personnel are not able to execute the recommendations independently. O'Neal Consultants continue to monitor the project, performing testing post-implementation to determine if the outcome has met the objectives. If the client desires, O'Neal Consultants can monitor activity on the networks to ensure the systems are operating at peak efficiency.

O'Neal Consultants’s Initial Review May Include:

Office Environment & Ergonomics
Days & Hours of Operation
Staffing Levels & Job Functions
Wage Rates For All Positions
Hiring Process
Training Process (Both New & Existing Employees)
Operating Service Levels Review
Review of Reporting Capabilities & Methodology for Distribution
Travel Agency & Other Third-Party Commission Payment Procedures
The Written Confirmation Process
Reservation Error Handling Procedures (Regardless of Source)
Alternate Distribution Channel Utilization, Effectiveness & Costs
Forecasting Schedules
Group Block Controls & Effectiveness
Inventory/Rate Availability Controls & Effectiveness

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