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Hotels are often surprised to learn what an improvement professional systems audits can make in their profitability. The experts at O'Neal Consultants not only find errors and help recoup losses, but locate trouble spots and savings opportunities that may seem small incrementally, but add up to big savings on a cumulative basis.

Audits can be good, or not so good. Whether systems have just recently been installed, or have been operational for years, would you like to know if the system capability still meets the needs of the property (good), no longer meets the needs of the property, or management of the system is lacking (not good)? 

In some cases, Owners have been asked to replace perfectly good systems that have not been managed well. O'Neal Consultants can be the independent investigator who ascertains whether it is a "good", or "not so good" system. If management of the system needs to be altered, O'Neal Consultants can detail and manage the process to make it happen. At the end of the project, the Owner, Management Company, and property personnel will benefit from the process.

Who knows, it could mean more reservations, better guest service, a better working environment, less costly service support, and more profits. We urge you to examine the list of audit services, and contact us today to obtain a proposal for the audit, or audits of your choice.