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At a time when the business environment has taken on a sense of uncertainty, the energy business is a prime example of the nature of the beast. With the deregulation of utilities in areas such as California, and the unprecedented range of services that have resulted, it’s clear how energy has become a highly competitive and dynamic business. O'Neal Consultants keep clients ahead of the game, thanks to its in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of new players, new rules, rates and programs.

O'Neal Consultants is your trusted energy partner, helping clients navigate this new business sector, protecting your interests, and providing energy savings opportunities of untold value. O'Neal Consultants’s strategic approach includes analyzing past energy profiles, brainstorming new saving options, and monitoring future energy savings and needs.

O'Neal Consultant’s Energy-Related Services Include:
Energy Asset Evaluation/Audit
Supply-Side Analysis
Facility Audit/Demand-Side Analysis
Savings Verification/Energy Information

Energy Asset Evaluation/Audit
O'Neal Consultants provide expert auditing of energy-producing assets and equipment, the best way to structure a client’s energy asset replacement or improvement program. Once O'Neal Consultants get a feel for your production process requirements and operational characteristics, it’s time to structure an energy program to meet your needs, taking into consideration key details such as potential rate impacts and future requirements. O'Neal Consultants can also help to structure an alternative payment plan based on realized savings.
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