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O'Neal Consultants' broad range of services takes you from start to finish, and can truly transform your capabilities.

Technology Assessment
O'Neal Consultants specializes in reviewing and evaluating existing energy assets and the current building’s energy infrastructure, a must for effective utility resource management. After this key first step, O'Neal Consultants continues to offer support, working on behalf of the client to provide sound technical and financial advice with respect to potential cost-saving opportunities.

Technology Request for Proposal (RFP)
O'Neal Consultants converts technology improvement master plans into a reality, by working with the owner to prepare an RFP that reflects the identified cost-saving measures. As the project proceeds, O'Neal Consultants acts on behalf of the owner to protect the owner's interests during construction and implementation.

Performance Evaluation
The work’s not over after your new equipment is installed; O'Neal Consultants continues to monitor system performance on a monthly basis post-installation, quantitatively measuring and verifying energy cost savings.

Performance Contracting
O'Neal Consultants goes the extra mile, able to evaluate alternative financing options available for third-party financing of energy improvements so that your options are broadened.
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