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The second objective to keep in mind when implementing the technology is to make sure it is a reliable and highly utilized business tool. The technology needs to be designed so that it fades into the background, and the end users can “forget” that they are not all in the same room.

We also believe that a having a technically robust, but manufacturer proprietary system is often not in our clients' best interest. Portions of this technology have shorter life expectancies of two to four years, while others should last 10 years. O'Neal Consultants enhances and protects our client’s investments by developing modular systems where appropriate.

Our experience with 100+ installations has taught us that the network connections between the rooms are at least as important as the equipment in the rooms. At O'Neal Consultants, we help our clients get the connectivity that works best for them in their specific situation.

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Conference Room Design
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Network Interface Specification
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