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Supply-Side Analysis
Reviewing your supply-side commodity position is critical to determining cost-saving opportunities; once this analysis is complete, O'Neal Consultants can then determine potential areas of savings from items such as on-site generation, special utility contracts, and open access tariffs. After O'Neal Consultants prepare a report with risk assessment information and a suggested plan of action, it can implement recommendations, proceeding with negotiations and developing a supply side program that represents the client’s interests.

Facility Audit/Demand-Side Analysis
O'Neal Consultants utilize this audit as a tool to enhance a client’s utility cost management program. A demand-side analysis identifies equipment at a client’s facility which is generating the electrical load or demand on the electric grid. O'Neal Consultants can then focus on equipment that is most likely to offer energy savings, suggesting modifications that will save you money, and optimize your process.

Savings Verification/Energy Information
All your planning can go unrewarded if you don’t keep an eye on your monthly bills, which is why O'Neal Consultants specialize in the analysis and review of utility bills. We work with clients to structure and implement a monthly bill monitoring and reporting program. Verification of energy savings performance and immediate notification of billing abnormalities are just a few of the reasons why this is one information service your company can’t be without.
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